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Licence Training and Exams at the Torbay Amateur Radio Society (TARS).

Training courses.

TARS is fully accredited to offer training and assistance to all prospective radio amateurs wishing to gain UK licenses.
There are currently three levels of license available in the UK:

Foundation License; This license course includes practical elements and a 26 question multiple choice exam paper (pass mark 19).

Intermediate License; This license course also includes practical elements and a 46 question multiple choice exam paper (pass mark 35).

Full License; A single theoretical knowledge based exam with no practical assessment - 67 questions (pass mark 47).

Each license must be gained in order of progression, the first two levels have practical elements, which are assessed on site by the training team. The 'Full' license is based on a candidate's theoretical knowledge of the relevant subject matter.

Where & When?

TARS meets every Friday evening at 1900 hrs local, at the District Scout Centre (Burdett Building), in Newton Abbot town centre. (See the website for cancellations & updates).
Formal training course’s for potential Foundation & Intermediate licensee’s are run on a regular basis. Please check with the training team for exact dates.
Unlike other clubs, TARS do not insist that you join in order to undertake training with us – although we hope you will enjoy yourself enough in our company to want to! Current membership cost a very reasonable £15 per year!


Subject to demand, The next Foundation Course being run by the TARS Training Team will be (provisionally) be booked for the weekend 25th (Friday evening) to 27th (Sunday afternoon) May 2018, with the exam due to start at 1645 hrs. All interested parties are requested to complete and submit the 'Training Application' proforma (links off this page) and contact the Training Team in person, via the Club..

Course Fee’s remain at £67.50, however we reserve the right to amend the charges should the RSGB choose to do so at the introduction of the 2019 syllabus changes..

It is the intention of the TARS Training Team to run another Intermediate Assessment day when we have enough suitably qualified candidates - this is a single day, at the end of which the Intermediate Licence exam is held. We expect to be able to run the day sometime in late June or early July. CAndidates wishing to attend the day should complete the 'Training Application' proforma (links off this page) and submit it to the Training Team either in person or via email. Fee's for the day will be notified shortly.

Please note: Candidates for Intermediate Licence training must be TARS Members. Candidates wishing to apply for training etc. for an Intermediate Licence should have, preferably a minimum of 8-12 weeks experience operating at HF/VHF/UHF.

Costs: Hiring the training room costs a fair amount of money! In order to keep cost down to a reasonable level for all, we try to run course’s for a minimum of 4 candidates, which is why its important to register your interest as soon as possible.

As the club training team develops the delivery of the training packages further nominal charges may well be levied for training materials, consumables etc. (ALL members of the TARS Training Team are volunteers, taking no payment for their activities with the Training Team).

Acceptance of candidates under the age of 18 is entirely at the discretion of the TARS Training Team & Club Committee, under 16's must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times unless otherwise agreed.

Pre Course Expenditure: Foundation License applicants are expected to acquire for themselves a copy of the book ‘Foundation Now’ from the RSGB Shop. Due to the limited amount of contact time available to the training team, applicants are also expected to be fully familiar with the contents of the book and will be required to take an initial assessment at the start of the course. The course hand book cost a very reasonable £6+postage, a few maybe available locally from the training team. Candidates will also be required to pay for their exam paperwork, which currently costs £27.50 plus a proportion of the cost of room hire. Based on a minimum of 4 candidates, the cost is £65 in total each. Tea and biscuits provided.

Course Format – Foundation License.
The RSGB suggests that the training team should take between 12-14 hours to deliver a Foundation Course (to adults) and a little longer for younger applicants. Having completed initial paperwork and booked onto the relevant course, candidates will be handed a ‘pre-course’ package containing additional material which they should be familiar with, by the time their actual weekend course starts.

During the weekend, the training team delivers a proven ‘in house’ written and designed training package, which has been developed and updated over the course of previous successfully delivered courses. Foundation courses are run over a single weekend from Friday evening (induction and introduction) through until Sunday afternoon, allowing students to sit their exam at around 3-30 PM.

Exams for Foundation licensee’s are marked on site and results known immediately, however a slight delay is incurred issuing call signs as the relevant information has then to be passed to the RSGB and OFCom. Normally a successful candidate will select their new callsign approximately 10 days after sitting the exam.

Candidates who are not successful initially, are able to resit their exam after a two week period - it takes that long to process the paperwork- allowing for some revision and reassurance! Please note that re-sits cost £27-50* and the cost of room hire (at a registered exam centre) for a minimum of one hour.

Course Format – Intermediate License.

Most of the practical elements of the Intermediate License may be completed during normal club hours, with the required ‘amateur radio related project’ being completed during a club buildathon or similar event, candidates can, if they so wish build their project in their own time and bring it along to the club for adjudication.

As the Intermediate license builds on the knowledge gained during the Foundation course, the team will spend a lot more time ‘testing’ the candidates knowledge to ensure they are capable of passing the exam. To this end students are expected with the to be very familiar with the relevant hand book, which is again available from the RSGB shop. At ‘intermediate license’ level students are expected to be able to understand and explain concepts, rather than just have a ‘knowledge of’!

Having attended the weekend workshop(s) and completing all the relevant practicals, candidates will be able to sit their intermediate exam (normally on the Sunday - subject to confirmation by the training team).

Exams for Intermediate licensee’s are marked on site and results known immediately. Normally a successful candidate will be selecting
their new ‘2E’ callsign approximately 10 days after sitting the exam.

Candidates who are not successful initially, are able to resit their exam after a two week period - it takes that long to process the paperwork- allowing for some revision and reassurance! Please note that re-sits cost £38-50* and the cost of room hire (at a registered exam centre) for a minimum of two hours.

Course Format – Full License.

At Full License level student are expected to home study and/or use the distance learning package provided by Bath University.
The Bath course runs over an extended period and has the full support of the RSGB and OFCom. Its is run by volunteer staff at the Uni, on a weekly basis with modules to complete including test pieces, interactive sessions and Skype meetings. A deposit of £90 is required, which, if the candidate stays with and completes the course, he/she will get back! Once a candidate is deemed capable the club will arrange for an exam night (once the paperwork has been paid for).
Prospective Candidates - FURTHER ACTIONS
Its imperative that you come along to a TARS meeting and meet the training team, we will be able to give you specific advice etc. once we have some back ground to work with.

As mentioned above, those wishing to start a Foundation (or an Intermediate) License should acquire the relevant handbook from the RSGB etc. and become very familiar with its content.

Please note that the ‘Foundation License’ is aimed primarily at young people and as such the level of knowledge and understanding is aimed at this age group.

TARS does not accept external candidates for exams; the Club Committee and Training Team do not feel it is fair to allow those who have not paid exam fees, contributed to course and room hire fees etc via the Society, to take advantage of Club organised facilities and staff to participate in exams.

Overseas Visitors - Non UK License Holders.

Please check with your licensing issuing authority AND the Radio Society of Great Britain to ensure that you are licensed to operate while you are here in the UK.

As a general rule of thumb, unless you hold the equivalent of the UK FULL license the it is doubtful that you will be allowed to operate, again it is best if you double check, it might be that the UK operates a reciprocal licensing agreement with your country or that you are covered by the CEPT agreement.

TARS Amateur Radio club welcomes requests for assistance from overseas visitors, but we are not able to deliver distance learning packages.

Further Queries & Questions:

If you have any further queries or questions about license training etc. then please do not hesitate to contact me (Lin) via the club website, I will be very pleased to hear from you.

Diversity & Inclusion

In line with the RSGB & OfCom, TARS operates a policy of inclusion regardless of status. There is wheelchair access to our meeting room from the car park. If you require assistance please notify us well in advance.

73’s Lin – M0TCF

Click on the link below to download the Training Application Form. Print it out and send it to:
The Training Manager (TARS), L J Allen, 481 Topsham Road, Countess Wear, Exeter, Devon. EX2 7AQ, or hand to any Committee Member at Club HQ.

*Note: (All pricing is subject to change without notice, correct at time of publication).

The Training Manager (TARS), L J Allen, 481 Topsham Road, Countess Wear, Exeter, Devon. EX2 7AQ, or hand to any Committee Member at Club HQ.

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