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Slow Morse Transmissions: Tuesday evenings starting at 1930 local time. Current speed is about 14 wpm but can be altered t suit listeners. Listen on 3.545 +-, with talkback on S23 (145.575MHz.) Content is plain language with sections taken from the internet, books etc, and machine sent to ensure perfect morse.


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December 2017 - April 2018

Well, we have had our Christmas Party with plenty of food - enjoyed by all - the Construction Cup has come and gone with the prizes given out.

At the well attended AGM new faces joined our Committee, the Racecourse booking has been confirmed and Rally preparations are in place. If you know of anyone who would like a table or if you would like a table, let the Rally team or the Committee know.

The Committee has booked speakers for most of the monthly meetings, but there are a few evenings yet to fill this year and for next year. Any suggestions??

In April, we had our 90/10 Auction, amongst the items bidded for this year were aerials, radios, books and odd curious bits of kit, although only a few pounds changed hand the clubs funds were rewarded. The highlight of the night is one of our members - Peter G4VFG - who always does a brilliant job as Auctioneer. This year John G4VUD was his porter. A very entertaining evening for the 40 or so attending and for the successful bidders a chance to try out their recently purchased items.

November 2017

At the monthly meeting of the Torbay Amateur Radio Society, Barry Weekes of the Totnes Image Bank came along for this annual show. This year there were two presentations, the first being a selection of Aircraft pictures that the Image Bank had been presented on the closure of the local Torbay Aircraft Museum.  The untitled slides showing equipment and Aircraft from the 1st and 2nd World Wars.  The jovial banter between the forty or so members of the Society present produced a very relaxed atmosphere.  Many recalling their past experiences and memories from the slides and guessing at the various Aircraft and equipment only to have some doubt cast in their minds when further pictures were shown, although some of the pictures were fairly old they were all in excellent condition covering the many aspects of war-time subjects.

The second set of slides showed the construction of a selection of the older buildings in Totnes uncovered during various stages of alterations and refurbishments over many years as the businesses changed use or ownership.  As some of the buildings were 300 years or more old the difference of construction over time often hid early architectural features which had gone out of style.  As you can imagine dry rot and wet rot were very prevalent with many of the properties still having a well in the basement being fed by the underground streams that had slowly become into disrepair.  I am sure the membership present would agree that it was not a night to miss.

Thanks once again to Barry from the Image Bank.  Looking forward to  next years presentation.

October 2017

At the Torbay Amateur Radio Society's monthly meeting on the 27th, we were delighted once again to welcome Roger Harding for a follow up talk on the restoration of Stover Canal.  This was constructed by James Templer in 1792 to carry clay, mostly for the potteries, but also other commodities such a iron ore and lignite that were all being produced locally and up until that stage were transported using pack horses or carts.  The canal enabled goods to be transported to Newton Abbot and onto the River Teign.  The development of the Granite railway was constructed by his son, also James, after he developed the Haytor Quarries commercially and this was about 1820.  The stone that was mined at Haytor was in great demand for the London area and the canal stayed in use carrying goods each way until the 1850's.  From then on it gradually became derelict.

That is until the last few years when work was started to clear the very overgrown route, money was raised from local businesses who were very generous in their donations.  Starting at the Newton Abbot end the heavily silted and overgrown canal was almost impossible to see however using willing volunteers work has steadily carried on eventually opening the bottom end to the public who are now able to walk along a dedicated pathway as far as the old clay cellars which is where the clay was stored for drying, now Industrial units on the old Newton Abbot to Exeter road.

When this was up and running work then continued to clear the remainder of the canal to its total length of just under 2 miles but in rising 19' to the head it required 5 Locks all now unfortunately in disrepair.  Graving dock was one of the next challenges, this is where the barges were repaired and it was some 56' long or so, on the foreshore was the remainder of a boiler able to steam the wood to the required shapes, although with the silt it was almost impossible to see the basin it has now been beautifully restored along with the boiler on the foreshore.

At the head of the canal is Ventiford Basin, this was one of the many places water was added to the canal and it was the terminus for the Granite Railway.  The stone loaded from the trucks onto the barges using a crane.  While excavating the site part of the railway was exposed together with a set of points all now left for the public to see while walking along the specially constructed tarmac pathway from clay cellars, work still continues to clear the remainder of the canal with the possibility of flooding some of the sections in the future.

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