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Foundation Course:
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Intermediate Practical:
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Advanced Exam:
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GB3TR Wed 1945
Mon 10.30 3.663 MHz
Mon 20.00 1.982 MHz
Mon 20.30 50.155 MHz
Wed 09.30 14.270 MHz
Wed 10.30 3.663 MHz
Fri 21.15 3.663 MHz
Sat 10.00 3.663 MHz
Sun 09.30 14.270 MHz
Sun 12.00 145.575 MHz
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Tars meets every Friday evening at 7:30pm
The Teignbridge District Scout Headquarters, The Burdett Building, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1LJ

Logo reproduced with kind permission from Attitude & Ideas Inc.

Special event station chain commemorating D-Day.

Information about the logo

On top of the Stripes, you will find the Invasion Star which incorporates the 5 beaches of Normandy from the D-Day Invasion on June 6th 1944 (Omaha, Utah, Sword, Gold and Juno). In the centre of the Invasion Star you will find the SHAEF insignia, surrounded by the flags of the countries that had the largest impact on the invasion. The design of the insignia for the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) was approved by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander for Operation OVERLORD, and came into general use in March 1944. Each element in the insignia is symbolic. The main feature is the flaming sword of avenging justice, shown piercing the black of Nazi oppression. Above the sword is a rainbow, symbol of hope, containing all the colours that made up the national flags of the Allies. Then above the rainbow is the blue of peace to come.

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