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Foundation Course:
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Intermediate Practical:
Date TBA
Advanced Exam:
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GB3TR Wed 1945
Mon 10.30 3.663 MHz
Mon 20.00 1.982 MHz
Mon 20.30 50.155 MHz
Wed 09.30 14.270 MHz
Wed 10.30 3.663 MHz
Fri 21.15 3.663 MHz
Sat 10.00 3.663 MHz
Sun 09.30 14.270 MHz
Sun 12.00 145.575 MHz
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Tars meets every Friday evening at 7:30pm
The Teignbridge District Scout Headquarters, The Burdett Building, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1LJ

Why not join in the slow morse evening run by Tony G6GLP every Tuesday at 1930-2030 hrs.
Currently running at 15wpm but willing will drop down to any speed you wish for those of you who are still getting to grips with the code. Tony transmits on 3,545.00 with talkback on 145.575 (S23) alternatively, just call in and say Hello, everyone is welcome.

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