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President, Tars Internal Contests Manager: - Derrick Webber G3LHJ

I have been a member of TARS for over 60 years. During that time I was Chairman for 17 years and now the President of the Society. I also hold the post of 'HF Contest Manager' and am the Society's Awards Manager as well as tending the club Notice Board. I am the controller of the Saturday TARS net on 80 metres SSB. I am 95% CW operator, enjoy contest operating, QRP operating and constructing of Home Brew QRP rigs. Chasing ‘DX’ for the Awards programme, the main ones being DXCC, USA county Awards and IOTA. I am a member of the First Class Operators Club, Royal Signals ARS and G-QRP Club, RSGB and LOTW.


Chairman: - John Head G4VUD

I joined TARS in the early 1970's and obtained G8LXQ in 1977, finally obtaining G4VUD in 1984. I am a former committee member having served in the past, even organizing the rally several times in that period. I joined Raynet when it first started in this part of the world in the 1970's, rising to Controller for many years, before having to relinquish the post due to family health problems. I was involved with GB3TR from its early days when it ran from a garage on the top of Wolborough Hill in Newton Abbot to it's current location, and was normally involved with collecting the funds as well as general help to Bill (G8XST). Having reached 65 and retired from the Forestry Commission after 26 years I thought I would get more involved with the club as well as hopefully get to spend time doing several other hobbies that I enjoy fully.


Vice Chairman, PRO & M3 co-ordinator:- Mike Garry M0LOB

Since joining TARS a few years ago I have passed the Foundation with callsign M3UVT, the Intermediate with the callsign of 2E0PDL and now the Advanced with the callsign M0LOB. My interests are in most aspects of amateur radio and within the club I would like to promote more young members to enjoy the the hobby. I was elected to Tars Committee at the 2008 AGM and will be an active member.


Secretary:- Pam Helliwell

I passed the RAE in December 1993. I joined the Torbay ARS where I soon found myself co-opted onto the committee, starting as Secretary, then Vice Chairman, finally ending up as Chairman in the club’s 60th year; and I finally relinquished the position in 2015 I took a year off of committee duties, but asked to be co-opted back to act as secretary. This position was then confirmed at the 2016 A.G.M. I am currently Controller of South Devon Raynet. Our main activities include assisting local charities with their huge fund raising walks, as well as assisting with local community events and festivals. As a RSGB volunteer I became Deputy Regional Manager for Devon in 2003 and was co-opted as Regional Manager for Region 11 in September 2005, stood for election later that year, and re-elected in 2008 and again in 2011.

Treasurer: - Brook Verrall G0VEB

Now retired but have spent nearly thirty years working at Visnews a Television News Agency after a short apprenticeship working with valves. Then eight years pretending to repair Mobile 'phones and slowly loosing my close up vision. Finally finished up for five years at Metroline on-the-buses in and around North London. In Amateur Radio was first licenced as G7HJA in 1990. Was a member of the Southgate ARC for twenty years with the last five on the Committee


Rally Co-ordinator :- Mike Dixon G1TUU

Licensed 1986 while working as TV field engineer in central London. Moved to Computer field service 1977, made redundant in 2002 just short of retiring - only job available was driving a Stagecoach Bus in London. Moved to Devon and joined T.A.R.S., after retiring and never looked back. Volunteered to replace Mark Jeffs as Secretary in 2007 and been in this post ever since!


Membership Secretary:- Dave Fairchild G0DDF

I joined TARS in the 1970’s as an SWL and was grateful for the help and support of many of the TARS club members in gaining my licence and setting up my radio station. I got my first callsign, G8UWQ, in 1980 followed by my full licence after taking the morse test at Ilfracombe Radio Station in September 1985. In 2015, after 43 years service, I retired from my job as Telecommunications Manager for Western Power Distribution and I am now enjoying more time with my many hobbies. I am now able to be more active within TARS and enjoy the challenges that Amateur Radio has to offer.


Public Relations Officer:- Peter Tanner G4VTO

I have been a member of TARS for a number of years and served on the committee for quite some time. I am interested in HF SSB operating and the construction of simple dipoles and long wire aerials.


GB3TR Keeper:- Bill Butchers G8XST

I was licensed in 1979 after many years of fiddling and building (TRF) radio's using Denco coils and IT4 valves,which were powered with Ever Ready 90 and 6 volt Batteries.I am the keeper and technical man for GB3TR/GB7TQ with the help of Colin G4FCN, Steve G6UIM, and John G4VUD, with the setting up of and running of GB7TQ, MB7VT-2, MB7VT-7 and also the local APRS and AIS networks. I also run the IRLP radio link connected to GB3TR and lastly, try keep all the paper work uptodate (NoV's) etc.

Training Manager:- Linden Allen M0TCF

My passion for radio took off with the advent of Citizens Band Radio here in the UK! After school I tried (unsuccessfully) to join the Royal Corps of Signals but fate and the Army decided I was to be otherwise employed and it wasn’t until 2012 - some fifteen year after I’d left the forces that I came into contact with Amateur Radio again. I took all three of my exams the Exeter club, progressing from M6TGT, via 2E0TGT to M0TCF in just over 3 years or thereabouts. I have a passion for amateur radio and consider that passing on the relevant knowledge, and continuing to learn along the way is a huge boon to my skills. I’ve had a varied and exciting career, first in the military, then later in the motorcycle industry and now involved in a teaching in the post sixteen age group. When I’m not preparing for a tutorial etc. I like to get out and about portable, running special event stations and the like – I also have a special place in my heart for QRP ops too!

Committee Member:- David Bowyer M1AEI

I joined the Torbay Amateur Radio Society in January 1996 and sat the RAE within four months Since then, I've really enjoyed setting up a radio shack, building and experimenting with different types of antenna's, together with putting up beams. I also enjoy ' talking ' radio and going to radio Rallies, in the UK, Dayton Ohio and Friedrichshafen Germany. Whenever possible. I join the Saturday TARS net on 80 metres SSB. I am also a member of RSGB, ARRL and the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club.

Committee Member:- Pete Tolcher M0LAI

I joined TARS in 2012, to renew an interest in radio that led to me becoming a MN Radio Officer in the 1960s/70s. Following that I have been an Electronics Technician and Service Engineer. Since joining TARS I have gained the Foundation, Intermediate, and in Dec 2014, the Full licence, with the callsign M0LAI.

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